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Play this cool classic retro Frogger game on your phone, touch device, PC, Laptop you can play this on just about anything.


For all your Frogger retro gaming needs, welcome. Avoid contact and get your frogs to the other side. Cick PLAY and enjoy this addictive classic game.


Use the arrow keys to move frogs across the busy road and water. Five frogs = the next level in the game. Your green friends will die if a vehicle hits them or if they fall into the river. Remember to watch the clock if you run out of time you will die.


Frogger the classic 1981 arcade game. Guide your frogs from the bottom of the screen to the top avoiding various types of motor vehicles, and the odd crocodile thrown in. Move quickly to cross as the clock is ticking. Sucesss with 5 frogs moves you on to the next level of the game.

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